With a lot of activities going on during the holidays, keep your party simple. People can come and go with an elegant cocktail party. Serving drinks and appetizers will make it easy for your guests to enjoy conversations, and they can also come and go. Make a list of who you want to invite. Be creative with invites with texts, emails, Face book invites. This will not only save on stamps, but you will be able to set up an rsvp for an accurate head count. In you invite, make sure that you note to your guests that it is just drinks and appetizers so they will eat prior. Make sure your date, and timeline is accurate. Prepare your food the day before and have it done an hour prior to the party by keeping it cold in the refrigerator, or warm in the oven. Keep your decorations simple. Fruit and nuts in a festive bowl add a nice touch, cinnamon and cloves boiling in a pot give a wonderful seasonal aroma. Make sure you have plenty of napkins and extra toilet paper, set up the food and bar, and you are ready to enjoy the evening.