No one likes weeds along their walkway, pavers or in the garden. One home remedy for pesky weeds in or along your walkways is using white vinegar. It is cheap by the gallons and effective. There is no diluting necessary and works best in the hot sun. You should see the weeds wilting in about 2 hours. Using dish detergent mixed with vinegar will leave a shine to help you know what areas you have covered. Another inexpensive treatment for your pavers or between the cracks of your walkways is boiling water. Use a teapot to keep you from getting scalded. NOTE: Do not use these remedies around your plants or flowers since it will kill them.

For your flower beds and gardens, there are several recommendations. One answer is using old newspapers. By cutting newspapers in layers and wetting them, will keep weeds from appearing and fertilize your garden at the same time. Using mulch is another solution. Keep it a few inches away from the base and layer it about two inches thick. If you pull weeds in your garden, it is easier when the ground is wet. Make sure you wear water proof gloves. If the weeds are persistent and continue to re-grow, dig out the roots.

Be proactive in your gardening, hoe the ground prior to planting and cover. Be sure that you keep grass edged or mowed around the flower bed; it will help to reduce weeds in the future.