Warm colors are the trend for 2018. Greens are very popular in olive or sage, softer lilacs and violets are also the color palettes. Texture is used throughout the home on the walls, furniture, and accessories. Velvet furnishings and bold flower patterns are in style.
In the kitchen, subway tile is being replaced by textures of wallpapers. Brass is making a comeback but in a softer look. The white and stainless steel sinks are trending by using copper, concrete, or stone. Utilizing color in the cabinets such as gray, blue, and mahogany tones is popular.
Antique lighting such as chandeliers and vintage rustic is fashionable. The decorative lighting adds a lot of charm but is also gives your room a unique look.
In the bathrooms, neutral colors are the trend. The use of old troughs, washtubs are the rage to use as the bathroom sink, and it is functional.
Instead of bold, a serene bedroom is fashionable this year. Reclaimed wood, shiplap, and millwork panels add warmth to the room. Try a trend in your home this New Year.