Looking for ideas for Holiday get together. Here are a few fun ideas. Have a lunch with friends with a pink and cream theme. Use the colors throughout your home, table settings, and even have your drinks and food to match. A lot of people have fun with a Holiday Ornament exchange. Your guests will bring an ornament, pick a person’s name out of a drawing, and that person will receive their ornament. If you love to sing carols, have a Christmas candle party. Have a candle for each guest and song sheets. Make candle holders a head of time in decorated used bottles, painted cans, foil, etc. Get ready to spread your angelic voices and go out in your neighborhood, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Cookie Christmas parties can be fun! Have your guest bring their favorite cookie recipe and make copies of their recipe to exchange with others. Another theme could be having guests dress up as a character from their favorite Christmas movie. Spread good cheer and have a Happy Holiday!